A Winner Never Cheats, and a Cheater Never Wins

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Cheating and infidelity have become commonplace in America today. Websites promote it, apps make it simple and many, many people are delving into it with no real thought about the consequences of it or any WRONG in it. Dr. Fake, sorry, I meant Phil, Jerry Springer and every other trash bag commentator that makes millions are making those millions off of people who have no conscience or thought of what is right or wrong.

Men want to know WHAT THEIR WOMAN DID, when, where, and the content of the “act.” Women want to know about the emotions involved. “What did you tell her?” And “Why did you do it?” Also, “How could you?” It’s two very different responses to one despicable act! Personally, I believe that anyone who has the ability to cheat on their “loved one” has a severe personality problem or disorder. How can they sleep at night? I mean REALLY??? What kind of POS are you? If you NEED someone else to fulfill your lustful needs, END the relationship you are in! That never happens!!

99% of divorces involve a third party. Fact! Sometimes, TOO MANY TIMES, children are involved. How sad is that?

Today, more women are having the proverbial “midlife crisis’s” than men. They raise their kids while their husbands work and feel they need to “be happier” because they are not getting what “they need” from them. Do not get me wrong! Men are JUST AS GUILTY, but a new trend is happening where women are joining gyms, getting in better shape, and finding that “magical feeling” their husbands cannot provide anymore.

They find some gym junkie or other to get “those needs met” while the guy is just interested in the sex! Two very different motivations, but equally as destructive! They chase after some fantasy of being attended to, adorned and “worshiped!” Get REAL!

They begin to change their dress, musical tastes, interests, etc., and hubby has no clue as to why! Men’s infidelity’s are easier to recognize because it’s more expected AND the money starts to dwindle! The women have more means to stay under the radar because their “new love” usually is footing the bill!

It is just sad and a sign of the technological times that shows us what and why is causing this epidemic. FaceBook has been the cause of more divorces over the past 10 years than anything else! Finding and fanning “old flames” seems to be the reason. “Checking” cell phones and emails, etc. is the most common way cheating spouses get caught!

EVERY COUPLE should allow access to each other’s cell phones, emails, social media sites, etc.. Marriages HAVE NO SECRETS! There should be no “privacy” issues! From what exactly?? Food for thought!

Love your spouse with all you have, or LEAVE! Do not put someone who loves you and believes you love them too through such horrific torture!  It is just WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

DO the RIGHT thing and get yourself some professional help to see WHY you act this way!cheats

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America has once again suffered a horrific slaughter of innocent, God-loving people in Charleston, SC at a church gathering because of a psychopathic, evil, race-hating 21-year-old who decided that the “Blacks are taking over America” and wanted to do something about it. Twenty-one years old, and evil as the devil’s desire!
What does our President do? Blames gun-control. What REALLY HAPPENED?Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death. Another empty-shell of a Millenial that wants what he wants and could care less about people, right, wrong and morality! Not a shred of empathy or consciousness in him! Not even a speck of Spirituality which most, if not all, Millenials are missing!
Many will claim he is “mentally ill.” I doubt it. He is Socially Ill or Morally Ill, but NOT “Mentally Ill!” Why? Because he planned, calculated and carried out this senseless slaughter with lucidity! The TRUE “mentally ill” would not have such ability.
Now, we are left with a nation of anger, loss of lives for NO REASON and ugliness that will ripple into our communities and thoughts because of this piece of garbage who undoubtedly spent most of his 21 years mesmerized by violent video games, diabolical internet information and some twisted “need” to fit-in where his parents failed to provide!
America, we do not need race-wars! We do not need gun control! We do not need to be divided when psychopaths like him do such disgusting, evil deeds! We DO need to unite, PARENT and be aware of the manipulation of technology and media that spoon-feeds our society into such madness!
This bastard will be held accountable for his deed and should be! However, we will only see more of this corruption and deprivation until we begin to wake up and get back to the basics in humanity and caring for each other that has been taken away from America via technology and lack of family and parenting! Spirituality is ESSENTIAL to HUMAN GROWTH yet we act as if it’s a fairy tale! The truth is EVERY CHILD IS BORN TO BE AND SEEK SPIRITUALITY yet, it’s not being supported BY society or families anymore!!!
America, we most certainly will “Love ourselves to death” if we do not act on this NOW! We cannot afford to lose ONE MORE SINGLE LIFE to a twisted mind being led by evil intentions!
God Bless the victims of the Charleston, SC slaughter and their families and friends! This was truly preventable, but we need to work TOGETHER!

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America! WAKE UP!!!

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The reports and coverage of police shootings are becoming the Crime de Jour lately. The media is eating these incidents up and many if not all of the various “talking heads” out there are fast to rush to judgement. I am not proposing that all of the shootings by cops are justified by any means. Some more than others and some less than others. However, I find this “epidemic” curiously suspect to a more behind the scenes type of motive.

We all understand that there has been much concern about “gun control” over the past six years. In fact, many people believe a time will come when our Second Amendment Right to “keep and bare arms” may be taken away from us along with our personal firearms by the government. That still seems quite extreme to me and I do believe that if such an action was taken on Americans the “bad guys” would still have their guns. Not to mention it would also erupt into war against the government. A “war” We The People could never win.

The problem with that possibility is that if one thinks they can fight the government even with an arsenal of weapons and ammunition, the government has bigger guns, gas bombs, and a variety of explosives that would be no match for citizens baring their arms, no matter how many. I fear that type of action will be taken eventually by our government because we are all victims of manipulation and media control, in other words, mind control. For example, think about how smoking cigarettes today compares to the attitude we had about smoking as a society say, twenty years ago. All compliments of social control. Could this happen in the case of the Second Amendment too?

Back to the police shootings. Could there be a “grooming” process occurring to plant seeds in our society’s head that would one day ban even the police from having guns? If all firearms are taken from us, and even from the police (in the UK police do not carry guns) who would “protect and serve” us? The government? I think not. But! The government then would have total  control over all of us.

What protects us from our own government anyway? Nothing really, but we are forced to trust them to govern our lives, laws and liberty. Many would agree that that seems more like a fantasy than reality. Let’s face it, if they want to disarm us, no amount of AK47s are going to stop them. However, these police shootings persist and some seem even OVER EXAGGERATED to the point of making the cop appear to be a madman! Perhaps he or she is, but we can’t have “madmen” real or created carrying guns can we? No! They may shoot US some day for no good reason, even cops!

“Ignorance sure is bliss” I suppose, but I encourage all of you to not settle for “bliss” and be curious and to think for yourselves! That is exactly what it seems the government doesn’t want us to do.  A mind is dangerous and perhaps the most powerful “weapon” we will ever have in our arsenal.

Perhaps I am out of my mind, but I believe Americans are becoming dehumanized, apathetic, and uncaring about what we are getting ourselves into unwittingly and blindly! America IS being “Dumbed Down,” and “programmed” to become less and less HUMAN! Why? Well, the less informed, concerned or active we are in the political decisions that are being made for us, the less power we will have as a society!

I am not convinced that the “police shootings” we see almost daily on “innocent victims” is even real! I am a skeptic. Not to say that the victims of these shootings are not REAL, but are these things “staged” in order to turn us against law enforcement so that our government can manipulate our thinking against them? (Like tobacco smokers.)

We are being dehumanized America! We must wake up and understand that media, government and the propaganda we are “fed” every day via the news is all just an enormous plan to make us STUPID! I have much more to say about this in my next book, and my desire is to help people to SAVE THEMSELVES and this once great country we live in!!!

Stay tuned, be aware, doubt EVERYTHING the media and government “feeds” us and SPEAK UP!!!!tv-hypnotizes

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I don’t know how else to express what my book is about, or what is going WRONG in the world today besides asking you to READ it, “Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death” to understand!

The morbid and SICK CRIMES that are being committed today against children (by their PARENTS and others) and fellow humans is simply unbelievable and extremely difficult for “normal” people to digest! Yet! They become more and more normalized as time goes on!

DO NOT EXPECT the “MEDIA” to explain these! Why? Because they RELY on these horrific stories to survive, get sponsorship and BE RICH on the tragedies and monster behaviors of people! We ALL want “answers” but where do we go to get them?

Our religions don’t explain these horrific crimes. Media encourages them and we are left to wonder WHY they occur and subsequently “normalize” them into our lives. Then we isolate, protect, and insulate ourselves from the world around us out of fear for ourselves and our children. Is THAT what life is supposed to be? Living in fear and accepting monstrous behaviors as “the way it is” as long as it does not effect us?? NO!

We are ALL being blindly led into darkness! These times are nothing less than a foresight into PURE EVIL that is becoming completely expected and ALMOST accepted in our world today!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am of sound mind. However, the message in Socialcide is a MUST READ for ALL PARENTS, PEOPLE and those with even a REMOTE concern about the state of morality today! Pippa Jones, Host of Talk Radio Europe has said, “Socialcide should be compulsory reading for all parents and people today!” 

I ask you PLEASE! Don’t ignore the message! We are in need of social change and enlightenment as to WHAT we are being “fed” by media, and how technology is destroying all that is good!

Visit my website at Socialcideinfo.com and learn more!

Thanks for reading this! MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOT A MISTAKE!!!!soc cide

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“I Feel So Lonesome, I Could Die”

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This old Elvis Presley song may have been a prophetic warning in its day! A study conducted by Bingham Young University of 3 million people from 1980 to 2014 has recently been released which found that loneliness among those 65 and younger today could be more fatal than obesity. It was also reported that the health consequences of loneliness are comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day or being alcoholic.

One may think in these days and times that the internet and social media have created more connectivity between people but the opposite is true. Why? These “connections” are not real and cannot replace man’s need to be interactive with others to survive. In fact, technology has been a major contributor to the potential epidemic of loneliness this study has predicted.

We are a nation and perhaps a world that has lost its “social graces” and common sense know-how when it comes to the art of conversation and connecting with other people. This is causing medical problems among us that effect our hearts and well-being, and causing us to die younger. For the first time in the history of Mankind, we are seeing  proof that people can and will die of “broken hearts” because we do not socialize.

The concept of seeing our doctors regularly, exercising and taking Omega 3s to stay healthy is not cutting it anymore. Research has also connected Depression to heart disease, and Depression is expected to be the second highest diagnosed health problem WORLDWIDE  by 2020, and it seems that prediction is correct! Not that Depression and loneliness are the same thing, however, there are over-laying similarities when it comes to feeling lost, unappreciated, unloved, disconnected and misunderstood.

This research is also fortified by the findings that loneliness will effect younger people rather than older. The older population has not been brought up with the faux-communication we know today as social media, texting, or email. They may feel alone at times, but that is a different concept compared to loneliness as the research said.

Another point to clarify is that time spent alone is not a bad thing. In fact, a good amount of private time is beneficial to anyone. We need it as much as we need to be a part of a community of sorts as well. The differences should be clear and understood as much as we should understand that some people choose to be “alone” because they desire such a lifestyle. It is to those who suffer because of a lack of true connection to other people that this information can be life-saving! One can be among a crowd of many and still experience loneliness. That is because being with others is not the same as being connected with others.

Our children today are forever glued to their cell phones, I Phones, I Pads, what have you and apparently receiving the “message” (pun strongly intended) that they are “communicating.” Well, they may be communication, but they are not connecting and that is the problem. Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. got it right when he said, “What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.” Are younger people doing that? Are there still neighbors in the “hood?” I don’t think so.

What are we to do? The best prescription for loneliness will not come in a pill (although sadly, animals are being tested by pharmaceutical companies right now trying to find a magic pill for this upcoming ‘money making’ idea)! No. We need to shut down our cell phones and computers much more, get outside, be with others, TALK with others, volunteer our time, join groups of any sort, start book clubs, walking clubs, ski clubs, game board clubs, become active in our churches, ANYTHING that encourages human relationships in person!

We need to step out of our comfortable “discomfort zones” and approach people! Yes! Approach them! Smile at them! Hold doors! Say “Thank you” and “You’re welcome!” CALL people on the phone rather than texting them or emailing them! This epidemic of loneliness is 100% preventable! However, do not expect the cruise ship of connection to dock at your front door! You must go to it!

People need people. That’s how we evolved and that is how we were created. We cannot feel alive, right or complete without interaction and purpose for and with others. Helping others is and always has been the best cure for depression, loneliness and every other alienating emotion we have or had.

Guide yourselves and your children accordingly then watch the results!  It’s not rocket science, its called being human.loneliness_working_from_home

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It is great to be a writer! I truly LOVE writing! Always did, and I guess I always will! Words, to me are powerful, and as a writer, or author, I only want and wish for as many people as possible to appreciate what I say, and find some sense of balance or understanding of “life” in my words!

Being a “published author” however, creates a whole new sense of the art. Of course from a business point of view, I’d like to make money for what I write! That would help me just keep writing vs. any other form of employment. Believe me! I’d love nothing more than to write ALL DAY and be able to sustain myself by doing so! However…that’s a dream. It’s very, very hard if not impossible to do so! SOME do and can, Steven King comes to mind. Hillary Clinton, (though her “talent” is next to none, but she has credibility!). For the rest of us, we struggle to make a dime!

I wrote Defeating Depression: The Calm and Sense Way to FInd Happiness and Satisfaction some years ago, published in 2011, and JUST THE OTHER DAY I received a “royalty check” from the publisher for (are you ready?), $10 and change! YET, that made my day! That means the mere 7 cents per book I received from its publication “paid back” my advance from the publisher, and NOW any books that sell will pay me a SLIGHT BIT more than “seven cents,” but what does a first time published author know? Like me, I knew nothing!

Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death has already paid me $46 in royalties! That’s WAY MORE in 5 months than Defeating Depression did after 4 years!!! So I am more hopeful for a bigger return with this book!

I’m not sure if anyone understands just how HARD it is to write a book. It’s “emotional ditch digging” and can make a person MAD with many things! SO MUCH goes into it all that readers may never understand! “So Much” however, that authors WANT to get their book sold after the days, weeks, months, YEARS getting it done! And because MANY crafty pickpockets are out there, they promise an author “THE WORLD” in marketing, sales, promotion, etc., and it all sounds SO GOOD!!!!! BUT! There’s always a fee.

That “fee” is never reasonable. Let’s be real here….If an author has 20-30 thousand dollars in liquid money, would they really be spending holidays, anniversaries, weekends, and every other free moment of time writing a book??? I doubt it. But my friends, that is the deal! It’s extremely difficult, to say the LEAST to market a book!

Publishers? They do NOTHING! Defeating Depression MUST have sold a LOT OF COPIES to pay back a measly $1500 “advance” at 7 cents a book since 2011 to render me a $10 “royalty” check!  And speaking with “promoters” of books is equally as disheartening like I have already mentioned.

My hope and point here is that if you KNOW an author who has “self-published” their book (which today makes PERFECT SENSE as traditional “publishers” suck and ONLY accept Hillary Clintons), SUPPORT THEM!

If you are an AVID READER, SEEK OUT other authors that have busted their brains and butts putting out their most inner thoughts and emotions! THAT’S where you will find THE BEST READING and NOT SUPPORT “The Machine of Media!”

There are PLENTY of sites to find self-published authors, and GREAT WRITING!

I mean what I say but I’m also blowing off some steam. One “promoter” I spoke to the other day spoke a FANTASTIC DEAL for $21,000!!!! Yeah. Right! I’ll keep plugging Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death on my own. If I had THAT amount sitting around, I’d be doing a heckova lot more READING than WRITING!

Thanks for listening!conman

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When Being “Anti-Social” is Appropriate: Fighting Social Media Addiction

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When it comes to addictions, some say one can be addicted to anything. When it comes to being an addict, I’m asked regularly in my practice as a Psychotherapist with a certification in addiction counseling, “Am I an addict?” My answer to that question is ALWAYS, “If you have problems because of your use (of a substance or activity), you are most likely an “addict.” What does that mean?

Well, not to condone any illegal, immoral or unhealthy habits, but if one suffers from any legal, occupational, social, medical, educational or familial consequences of substances or behaviors such as arrests, loss of a job, problems with a partner or spouse, failing classes, high blood pressure, liver damage, loss of friends or family connections you do have a problem or “addiction” to whatever activity is causing these consequences. In other words, you are doing it or them too much!

This article addresses the reality or myth of Social Media Addiction. Can the explosion of “likes, trending, sharing, posting, tweeting and hash tagging” be addicting? Are people facing consequences for their over-use of social media and finding themselves “in trouble” for HAVING to be online excessively to fill a desire of need and inclusion? Or is social media simply a way to entertain ourselves and have fun? The research and findings will astound you.

Let’s look at some of the negative consequences of social media overuse:

  • Marital infidelity caused by looking up former loves and engaging in private messages. (By the way, studies from 2012 report that 2 out of 3 divorces were directly related to Facebook).
  • Car accidents caused by sending updates or tweets to these sites while driving.
  • Students wasting time updating Facebook instead of studying or taking notes while in class.
  • Wasted time while trying to keep up with the constant stream of posts, comments and photos received.
  • The development of a false sense of popularity by adding as many ‘friends’ as possible or quantity vs. quality.
  • Tendency toward egotistical obsession with the self-hype and constant stream of notifications of one’s whereabouts or exploits.

These are just a few of the consequences of social media addiction. We must also consider that our creation of a false world of friends distracts us from the REAL WORLD of PEOPLE and relationships!  Our self-esteem and perceived sense of purpose in this world is quickly becoming dependent on how many “likes” we get for our “selfies,” posts, pictures and statuses from “people” we don’t even know as PEOPLE!  This shift in social need and acceptance is literally killing people! Children commit suicide over lack of “likes” and acceptance on social media!

We also fight our personal wars with exes, family members, fellow colleagues, fellow students and others via posts on various social media sites! What are we doing?! This “selfie” world we are living in now is drastically changing REAL LIFE RELATIONSHIPS in an extremely bad way! Why?

Well, the “feel good” chemical in our brains, dopamine, becomes elevated during social media use. One gets high from the egocentricity of social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter. On these sites, 80 percent of all discussion is “about us!” Face-to-face interaction we talk about ourselves about 30 to 40 percent of the time. We get “hooked” because WE are all our own favorite subject! For every “like” we get, our belief in our own wonderfulness rises! Conversely, the lack of “likes” can cause us to become sad and depressed. This is madness.

As with addictions to substances and alcohol, we become reliant and dependent on them because they somehow artificially “fix” our needs and problems and deplete our own ability to cope, deal and manage with our lives and relationships and truly solve what is wrong with us. The more we “use,” the more we “lose” in our true abilities! Such is the case with social media. The more we rely on it to “socialize” the less we are truly able to “socialize” in real life! One can easily become enamored with posting selfies and posts that feed our needs to feel good about ourselves determined by every “like” that gets clicked on them, but when it comes to reality, that does not exist in such a way.

In another detrimental way, social media encourages passive aggressive behavior, meanness, personal wars with each other and various other forms of “getting back at, even with, or punishing” others we hold vendettas against. It’s just so much easier than confronting people in real life! This is just another way to dehumanize ourselves, and feed our “needs” via social media. Suicides have resulted from this type of behavior, stalking is easy, and infidelity due to social media has been the MAIN REASON for divorces in America over the past five years.

When we sacrifice our human abilities to interact with each other, c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-e IN PERSON, and attempt to fill our needs for approval, validation, love and revenge on a computer, we have a huge  social problem or disease  which I expose in-depth in my new book, “Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death.” 

Although the proverbial “jury” is still out on any reliable PROOF of social media addiction, addiction treatment centers are offering in and out-patient programs for the same. We must all ask ourselves if we are:

  1. Spending too much time on social media sites
  2. Finding ourselves choosing to use our time online more than in the real world
  3. Missing work, school or family time because of a need to “know what’s happening” or “who is saying what” on our social media sites
  4. Having marital problems because of diverted time from our loved one spent online instead
  5. Preoccupied with social media “gossip” or issues we have become involved with
  6. Becoming angry or envious of others who “post” about their wonderful lives which leave us feeling less than adequate
  7. Stalking or snooping on people we know, ex-lovers, family members, “friends,” or others
  8. Looking at our cell phones for “updates” while we are driving, with others, at work or otherwise in inappropriate situations

I am convinced that as a society, we are becoming addicted to social media, and it is manifesting itself in our inability to truly communicate with each other. If social media is not just a fun, occasional “pass time” thing that we can enjoy but rather a way to feed our human needs, fight our battles, cheat on our spouses, stalk or get even, we need to stop using it immediately!

We need to start getting off-line and into the WORLD again! Humans were created to socialize and BE WITH OTHER HUMANS, not rely on “friends” we have never met in-person to make us feel good or validate our sense of value or purpose in this world. In my opinion, there will be no computers or electronics to communicate in the afterlife. Therefore, we should return to learning how to enjoy our lives, ourselves and friends the human way, deal with our issues and problems or needs in non-electronic ways and be the PEOPLE we were born to be.

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